Ultimate Trip Planner App

Ultimate Trip Planner App

The iTrav app was designed with the adventurous traveler in mind! An easy to use interface that captures all the elements for every trip. From featured destinations to itineraries in a snapshot, this is our iTrav App.

Every destination is covered with this exceptional app. From flights to itineraries and destination locations, every part of your trip is covered. This app was designed to help adventurers plan out all their details with ease. Seeking planning assistance, no problem! The app is equipped with online concierge and expert support to guide travelers with every detail.

The Only Travel App You Need

Cerulean blue of the Mediterranean Sea was the inspiration for the color palette of the iTrav App. Though designed to satisfy the appetite of exploration for any corner of the planet, this app provides unique customization features that navigate you 'round the world with tailored tours and featured destinations.

From the Egyptian Tour of Alexandria to booking a catamaran on the Balearic Sea, every user can customize every element of their trip. For the traveler that prefers a relaxing home away from home, this app manages last minute travels, upgrades and more to accommodate the ideal booking experience.