Fly High Brews

For the Green Palate
Dank Brewing Co.

For the Green Palate

Created in 2022, this startup brewery is pioneering cannabis brews. Each hand-crafted batch starts with locally sourced plants, organic hops and ingredients that distinguish Fly High's flavor depth and profiles from other cannabis beers.

Sustainably grown ingredients and all packaging utilizes recycled materials

A Dank Lift With A Kush Landing

Fly High Brewing Co. is a Colorado based company on a mission. Their unique expression of craft brewing ingenuity pushes the envelope of what beer should taste like. By creating bold manifestations of hops and bitterness with the green essence of cannabis, their profile balance is immeasurable. From Imperial IPAs which feature copious amounts of organic hops, plenty of malts and higher alcohol levels to the Belgian style Pale Ales which feature smooth, full-bodied, complex aromatic hoppiness; each variety has its own unique balance offering glorifying sensations of joy to the palate.

Each batch of brew is hand- crafted by artisanal hands and flavored by the most dank of all varieties and floral notes to enhance your every sip.

Go on...ENJOY (responsibly)!